July 26, 2015

Professional manufacturer of household chemical

Household Chemical Manufacturer

Ningbo Oceanstar Chemical Factory& Ningbo Jiangbei Oceanstar Trading Co., Ltd(short as Oceanstar.), are a professional manufacturer of household chemical product. we was established in September 2007, with registered capital of 50.08 million CNY and 15000 standard factory buildings.

Products: First Home Air Freshener and Toilet Cleaner. Be satisfied with our clients, Oceanstar come in to Car Air Freshener, Personal Care, Household Care and Laundry.However, we only do what we good at(chemical products).

Quality Control: On 2010, we built our own Quality Control Dept. Control the quality of material to ship. Most quality problem can be solved shortly.

ODM: On 2013, a 3D design team joins Ocean Star. Combinations of Design Ability, Quality Control and excellent producing capacity are the weapon of Ocean Star

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