Ocean Star Inc opened on October 1st, 2007. From the very beginning, our main focus has consisted in providing a quality product and customer service second to none. Our facility was custom built as a chemical facility and has been our home since 2007.

Ocean Star works with fragrance since our company founded.Flowers, fruits, fresh, natural, and more types of fragrances.Fragance in liquid, gel,solid, plastic and more.Every product in Ocean Star must make samples separately and be tested strictly in our own lab, which is also one of the functions of the lab.

We originally started out doing Air Freshener(gel air freshener, gel beads freshener, reed diffuser,plug ins) and Toilet Cleaner(rim block, toilet cleaning gel, toilet blue block). Over the years, we have developed several chemical products to the mix:

Home Care,Home Air Freshener,Car Air Freshener,France,Pet Care,Auto Care and Beauty Personal Care.

On the rare occasion that we cannot meet the needs of our client, we are always happy to help them find a supplier that will meet their needs. We get a very good working relationship with other Chinese manufacturers. Ocean Star does not attempt to be everything to everyone.Ocean Star only concentrates on chemical products.

Ocean Star Inc utilizes a continuous training program for all of our employees which enable them to serve our customers better by keeping rejecting and overhead costs to a minimum. This website is designed to better educate our customers about the types of products that we offer, our development procedures, and what you can expect upon completion of the development process.

Our experience and sourcing & manufacturer system help you to win the local market.



We firmly believe that good design is innovative.

The Innovation thinking is very important for developing the product, It depends on whether the product in the market is leader or follower. Every effort of ours will soon be seen on every customer. The satisfaction of customer will always encourage us to make greater progress.


Contract manufacturing & Efficient

After years of development, we have some modern production bases with the professional technical team and a great ability in researching and producing. Our automatic production lines ensure high quality, on time delivery. Welcome to visit our factory, we believe that you will find your favorite products here.


Keeping motivated attitude toward developing product

Every seemingly simple product units our efforts and emotions. Before production, we always carry on testing and improving many times,so that the product could better meet the demand. Support client maintain and expand the market for win-win business.


Good goods, Good service, Good price

Do you trust your suppliers? For us, the customer is not only a custom but also a friend, we are willing to give you our suggestion, ideas. We believe, if we offer the customer good quality products, good price and good service to let you get more orders, we can also feedback more orders. Win-win is our belief, good service is our goal, Creative is our strengths. Trust us, you will never fell disappointed.

Ocean Star Factory

Factory 1

Address:Fenghua Ningbo, China

Established: Sep, 2005

Main: Freshener Items, Hand Care, Personal Beauty

Staff: 70-100

Factory 4

Address: Wenzhou, China

Established: May 2007

Main: Car Air Freshener,Car Perfume

Staff: 50-70

Factory 2

Address: Ninghai Ningbo, China

Established: Sep 2003

Main: Freshener Items and Hand Care

Staff: 50-70

Factory 5

Address: Ninghai Ningbo, China

Established: Oct 2009

Main: Air freshener, Damp trap

Staff: 40-60

Factory 3

Address: Ninghai Ningbo, China

Established: Oct 2009

Main: Toilet Cleaning Items

Staff: 30-50

Factory 6

Address: Suzhou, China

Established: Dec 2007

Main: All Personal Care,All Household Care

Staff: 80-100