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Ocean Star 2021

The past is past,the future is now !

2020 Best Car Air Fresheners in US rated by Amazon Sales & Reviews

We have selected the 10 best car air fresheners sold on Amazon in 2020. They all have different characteristics. The little tree hanging freshener is very cheap and lasts a long time. Febreze has always maintained strong creativity in the field of car fresheners, and bamboo charcoal bags, which can absorb harmful gases and unpleasant [...]

Start A Hand Sanitizer Business And Avoid Traps

1. Find the market opportunity People’s attention to covid-19 is not as strong as it was at the beginning, but in the coming year, covid-19 will threaten people’s lives. People should pay the most attention to how to prevent it, not to despise it. Obviously, what we are doing is still not good enough. Masks [...]

Why alcohol-based hand sanitizer smells not good ?

Why alcohol-based hand sanitizer smells bad ? Ethanol is the main material in alcohol-based hand sanitizer, so you will smell the alcohol when there is no fragrance, essential oil, or other organic plant oil in sanitizer. USA manufacturers use isopropyl alcohol to produce hand sanitizer, and isopropyl alcohol has a strong pungent odor, so it [...]

How To Manufacture Hand Sanitizer Commercially-With Equipment List

New coronaviruses are still threatening people’s lives, and people’s demand for hand sanitizers has also increased dramatically. This has caused great pressure on the production of hand sanitizer manufacturers. Many people in the industrial field want to produce commercial hand sanitizers, but they don’t know how . Ocean Star Inc, as no.1 hand sanitizer manufacturer [...]

TOP 8 Available Hand Sanitizer Supplier & Manufacturer in UK

With the growing severity of the coronavirus epidemic, WHO has increased the severity of the epidemic to a global pandemic. You can see the seriousness of the situation. Hand Sanitizer has the ability to kill viruses on the skin, lead to consumer demand rise rapidly. This has caused a shortage of hand sanitizer production capacity [...]

Now, people prefer mini pocket hand sanitizer !

Although the epidemic of the new coronavirus is still very serious worldwide, with the supply of medical supplies and the gradual deepening of research on the new coronavirus, various countries have begun to formulate the time for the resumption of work. The New Coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge blow to the world economy. This [...]

Best Liquid Hand Soap in US rated by Amazon Sales & Reviews

Washing our hands is the most important thing if we want to stay away from germs and viruses. Now that covid-19 is showing no sign of disappearing shortly, the 20 seconds under the sink has been really crucial.Some people say that hand sanitizer is better than hand soap, while others hold the opposite view. In [...]

2020 Best Toilet Cleaner in US rated by Amazon Sales & Reviews

A best toilet cleaner has become an indispensable part of modern family life with people want to live in a clean and comfortable environment. Most toilet cleaner can effectively clean the toilet, but also bring a pleasant fragrance, and also very easy to use. However, different toilet cleaner has different characteristics. Some toilet cleaners focus [...]

Best 10 In-Stock Bulk Hand Sanitizer Online

Best 10 In-stock Hand Sanitizer Online With the coronavirus spreading around the world, hand sanitizer is become essentially important for our daily life & protects us from the virus. And hand sanitizer is extremely in shortage. As a hand sanitizer manufacturer,I sincerely want to help people get hand sanitizer asap in this difficult time,So I [...]