2018 the most popular air freshener brands in the world

NO1.Febreze Product composition: air odors、cooking odors、pet odors、smoke Channel of distribution: office website、retail store、Amazon Evaluation : 1.The name "Febreze" comes from the words "fabric" and "breeze." 2.The fabric refresher product has been sold in the United States since June 1998, and the line has since branched out to include air fresheners (Air Effects), plug-in oil (Noticeables), scented disks [...]

Poo Odor Away Before You Go Toilet Spray-Best Poo Pourri Manufacturer Made

poo pourri manufacturer

little tree car air freshener

As large demand of clients that high quality and similar to custom paper little tree car air freshener. We go into develop new good scent below for clients selection. New more are coming, and please feel free to contact us to let us know your demand. Note: the picture just for scents show. No "little tree [...]

plugin air freshener manufacturer

Plugin air freshener Found in 2006, Oceanstar Chemical factory, focus on household chemical and fragrance. Air freshener always be our priority item. In 2014, we star develop plug in air freshener(electric air freshener) to meet our clients' meet. 2016, it comes successful ! Oceanstar plugin air freshener . The plug in air freshener,we manufacturing, are [...]

Make laundry detergent pods better

Laundry detergent pods come into our family in a short time. As I know, they come into Us market 2010, and ?may be called pods, packets, pacs, capsules, or flings Howeve, when you text "laundry detergent pods" on Google, most result show like : "Child Safety Experts Warn About Laundry Detergent Pods" Laundry detergent pods pose [...]

Toilet gel discs cleaner brands.

Wc gel discs is a chemical toielt cleaner, in market of EU, RU, USA, North America, even Asia. If you know this products in Africa and Middle East, please let me know. SC Jonshon(Duck, Scrubbing bubble, Muscle) The King of the this product is SC Johnson, Duck, Scrubbing bubble and Mr Muscle are all under [...]

How to keep your toilet clean and fresh

Chemical toilet cleaner product is a must for most family. Keeping your toilet clean and washing room smell nice make you feel good,especially someone call on. Today, we talk about how to keep your toilet room clean and fresh. Firstly, I will show the chemical cleaning products. 1 Toilet bowl tablets Famous brand: Clorox, Vanish, Harpic,200 [...]

2016 new glass type liquid

This is idea of liquid air freshener by our designer Miss Do, and it was finished in late 2015. It absolutely a new design liquid air freshener. It's a decoration more than a air freshener Scents: Lavender, Rose, Vanilla, Cherry You can find more information here

4 Cities, you will know Daily Chemical Factory, China

Guangzhou Dates back to China's Reform and openness. Since China's "Reform and openness, capital and technology come in to Guangzhou all over the world.The Daily Chemical industry boosted quickly. Although 40 years past, Guangzhou's strength of Daily Chemical in China is second to none.Unilever and Procter?&?Gamble Head Company of China were also set up in [...]

The Brand you should know

Today, let's talk about air freshener ?brands. There is no doubt that, ?there is ?thousand of air freshener in the world. Here I show you are?the most popular brands in the world.If you know more local brand of air freshener, welcome share with us. 1 Glade Glade is great brand of household air freshener, under [...]

Most Air freshener

I had viewed many article about air freshener, but none is collection of air fresheners.Here I will show you more than 10 kinds of air freshener. You can read them about, some items may be unexpected. Ok, let's go. aerosol spray The most popular air freshener in 2015. Glade, Febreze, Airwick are the leading brand [...]

Professional manufacturer of household chemical

Ningbo Oceanstar Chemical Factory& Ningbo Jiangbei Oceanstar Trading Co., Ltd(short as Oceanstar.), are a professional manufacturer of household chemical product. we was established in September 2007, with registered capital of 50.08 million CNY and 15000 standard factory buildings. Products: First Home Air Freshener and Toilet Cleaner. Be satisfied with our clients, Oceanstar come in to Car [...]