Car Air Freshener Manufacturer

High quality fragrance items not only deliver a good smell,but also deliver happiness and make you feel relaxed.We only use high-level synthetic fragrance and natural essential oil from authoritative fragrance company like Mane, Firmenich.These below fragrance items is developed specifically for the car.

custom paper car air freshener

custom paper air freshener

  • More than 50 fragrance to choose from
  • “Factory Price”
  • available for any pattern
best febreze car perfume

car vent perfume

  • 3 type new design models
  • Amazing scent
  • Long-last time
california scent wood car freshener

organic car scent

  • Innovative design
  • available for car & home
  • reusable

Devote to a win-win business, Delivery a touching inspiration

All you need is idea
We will help you do the rest

Custom Paper Air Freshener

Paper air freshener is the most popular car freshener type in market, consumers buy tens of millions of paper air fresheners every year.Clients could can specify the pattern and fragrance they want based on a low moq, let us help you do the rest.Custom paper air freshener release scent about 7-14 days generally and manufacture price of it ranges from 0.1-0.8 usd/piece.It’s quite cheap and could hanging in the car, home and backpack.

Car Vent Perfume

Car perfume has many models, most of them could stick into the car vent grid.Long-lasting time is the main feature of car perfume, it ranges from 30 to 60 days.There are many popular car fragance items are in car vent shape,like Febreze car air freshener,Ambi Pure car air freshener.The price of car vent perfume is a little higher then paper air freshener, but the advantages of the former are also more than the latter, such as durability, hight quality fragrance oil, fashion.

Organic Car Scent

Organic car scent is the most unique air freshener that comes neatly packaged in little cans. Pop the top and place anywhere you want a fresh scent and it keeps on working and freshening for months.A lot people get crazy about it even its price is higher than car vent air freshener and paper air freshener.

organic car freshener
organic car air freshener
California car scent

Ocean Star Inc

A fragrance expert and car air freshener manufacturer
We can be your reliable supplier as we do so more than 10 years.

Like other companies, Ocean Star Inc was a small company at the beginning. Through our unremitting efforts for more than 10 years, We finally became a fragance expert and a trusted supplier of many partners.

We have helped hundreds of companies build popular brands and manufacture tailor-made products with uncompromising quality and reasonable price.

We are continuing to stand with our clients and work together to win a broader market.

Private Label Car Freshener


All car fragrance items you ever saw in the worldwide market, We can custom it for you from container shape, fragrance, fragrance carrier and etc.

We offer free design services that could help you save time and money.


We provide more 50 types of fragrance for you to choose and send you samples.

If you want a unique fragrance, we can develop it to make your car freshener special. And we can copy the scent if you like the scent in some car freshener items you have ever saw.

Minimal Order Quantity

MOQ of our most car fresheners is 10000 pieces, but it could be negotiated.

MOQ of the paper car air freshener is 1000 pieces, and you can get products for less than 20 days.

Leading Time

Generally 30 days.

Paper car air freshener is less than 20 days.

Samples are less than 7 days.


Offer competitive factory price with uncompromising quality.

Why our price is more competitive?

Because our efficiency is higher than our competitors. In the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, our partners maintain close cooperation with us.

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