1. Find the market opportunity

People’s attention to covid-19 is not as strong as it was at the beginning, but in the coming year, covid-19 will threaten people’s lives. People should pay the most attention to how to prevent it, not to despise it. Obviously, what we are doing is still not good enough.

Masks and hand sanitizers are still necessities under the current circumstances. Due to strong demand, the price of hand sanitizer has been increasing recently. By selling hand sanitizer at a moderate price of 1 dollar per break, you can make a good profit.

Pay Attention To Quality Of Hand Sanitizer

But as the #1 hand sanitizer manufacturer in China, we are qualified to say that the quality of many hand sanitizers in the market is not good enough, because these products come from factories without any certification, and there are potential risks to people’s safety.

The suppliers that provide these inferior quality hand sanitizers often register urgently in order to use the epidemic to make a lot of profits.

Therefore, providing high-quality products is also a market opportunity.

The conventional hand sanitizer can cause people’s skin to be dry, but the improved hand sanitizer can not only provide excellent sterilization and disinfection capabilities but also moisturize.

And you can sell hand sanitizer almost anywhere:

  1. Pharmacies & Medicine Shops
  2. Hospitals & Health Centres
  3. Quarantine Centres
  4. Laboratories
  5. Schools & Colleges
  6. Hostels
  7. Government Offices
  8. Markets
  9. Offices
  10. Shops
  11. Laundries

If you are a startup company, then you only need to meet the needs of your community to make a profit.

If you are in a large company, such as a chain pharmacy or department store, it is not difficult to make a profit through hand sanitizer, as long as you can provide certified products and find a reliable supplier.

2. Find A Reliable and Certificated Supplier

  • Check the basic company info

    Nowadays, many suppliers who provide hand sanitizers are irresponsible. They may be a digital marketing agency, a logistics company, or a factory that has just started manufacturing hand sanitizer for a month. You cannot trust these suppliers, otherwise, You are likely to lose your funds and lose the product at the same time.

    So you need to investigate the background of these companies, such as through government websites or other tools that provide corporate query services, not just through pictures or some text which can be forged!

  • Check the certifications of product and audits of supplier

    You need to check whether the hand sanitizer provided by the supplier or manufacturer has passed the corresponding certification, such as FDA in USA, CE, and article 95 in Europe, SGS, Reach, Intertek, and so on.

    FDA and CE and article 95 are the most important and necessary product certifications. If the supplier’s product does not have these certifications or the registered company name on the product certificate is inconsistent with the supplier’s company name, then you have to be alert.

  • Check the manufacturing video of the hand sanitizer workshop

    Many speculators saw the huge commercial benefits brought by covid-19 and started to manufacture hand sanitizers, but they did not have factories and equipment that met the manufacturing conditions.

    A factory that meets the manufacturing conditions of hand sanitizer needs to invest more than 1 million dollars.

    For example, the manufacture of hand sanitizer needs to be carried out in the Class 100,000 Ultra Clean Room, which requires high investment. And bottles, labels and other parts must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in the Ultraviolet Ozone Disinfection Workshop.

    If the production workshop does not have strict sanitary conditions, the product quality will have huge problems.

    Let me tell you a story:

    An American customer contacted a hand sanitizer supplier that was pretended by a marketing agency to produce hand sanitizer. He was deceived by this company because he did not carefully check their documents.

    You can think about what kind of hand sanitizer this person gets. These are completely rubbish. These sanitizer liquids are full of various impurities.


     Finally, this person found us and told us this story, and he is not the only one falling into the traps.

So let your supplier provide production videos, and shoot some videos according to your requirements, this can help you not be deceived.


  • Check the formula and ingredients of sanitizer

    The recipe of Hand Sanitizer is very simple, you can check here.(hand sanitizer manufacturing)

    You need to ask the supplier to provide a list of ingredients for you to check, so as to ensure that you can get the product you want.

    Some Mexican suppliers use methanol to make hand sanitizers, which is completely unacceptable. This is a component that cannot be used in the human body at all and can cause human body poisoning.

    According to the standards of the FDA and WHO, ethanol is the main ingredient in the manufacture of hand sanitizer, just like we use food-grade ethanol.

3. Misleading Marketing

  • Made in USA

    If your product is not assembled in the United States, then you must not claim Made In USA, and do not show this on your product label. Otherwise, U.S. Customs may confiscate your products and fine you.

    It’s not a joke !

  • Anti Covid-19 Claims:

    Don’t exaggerate the effectiveness for marketing benefits. Although the hand sanitizer has the effect of sterilization and disinfection, it has not been medically proven to be effective for covid-19, so please do not label covid-19 on the product.
    Otherwise, you may be punished by the market supervision department.