Chemical toilet cleaner product is a must for most family.
Keeping your toilet clean and washing room smell nice make you feel good,especially someone call on.
Today, we talk about how to keep your toilet room clean and fresh.
Firstly, I will show the chemical cleaning products.
Toilet bowl tablets
Famous brand: Clorox, Vanish, Harpic,200 flushes, Bowl fresh, etc.
Widely using, Just put one tablet into the flushing tank and it’ll last up to 100-200 flushes,maybe more.

  • Suitable for any washroom, just put into toilet tank and easily flush
  • Kills germs and deodorises
  • Removes stains and kills germs while deodorising with every flush

Residue in your toilet tank.
No/less fragrance
May even mix your water system

2, Wc gel liquid clean

Famous brand:Harpic, Wc-Duck, bloo, Mr Muscle,Lysol
Simply squeeze to release a small amount of cleaner, moving around the bowl to coat all areas. Let stand for at least 30 seconds (up to 15 minutes for disinfection) then brush the entire bowl and flush

  • Removes stubborn rust and hard water stains powerfully
  • Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
  • Thick liquid formula sticks to the bowl for better cleaning

Disadvantage: Have to brush yourself

HarpicBleach W S Citrus
3, Wc gel discs
Brand : Scrubbing Bubbles,. Mr Muscle, Lysol Click Push and stamp a disc under the toilet rim

  • Continuously cleans and freshens with every flush
  • Each disc lasts up to 7 days for a 24/7 continuous clean
  • Saves you from cleaning toilet constantly

Disadvantage: little expensive not powerful cleaning but scent well

4, Solid rim block
Brand : DAC, DUCK,HARPIC,Domestos, Bfre,Soft Scrub
Unfold hook and hang on the toilet where the flow of water is at its strongest. To replace, throw any leftover bits in the bin and then fit a new block. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

  • Rim hanger
  • Powerful bleach
  • clean and fresh

Disadvantage: little expensive

Liquid rim block
Brand : Ambi Pur , duck ,bloo
useage: same as rim blcok
Fragrance is strong than solid, but cleaningg weaker.

Disadvantage: little expensive

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All their own strength.

So how to keep your toilet and washing room always clean and smell nice.

 The Wc gel liquid cleaning product cleans toilet well and powerfully.
And the gel discs and rim block keep your washing room smell fresh(even lavander, ocean, jasmine)
Also the fresh disc and rim blcok keep your toilet clean and fresh, during your brushing.

step1,Have a thorough cleaning on you tolit, especially the area under toilet rim.
step2, snap and stamp gel discs or leave a rim blcok, keep toilet fresh and clean.
Gle discs and rim block is really helpful druning the brushing, you should own one, and it’s worth a try.

Tolet clean and fresh2