April 19, 2016

Toilet gel discs cleaner brands.

Wc gel discs is a chemical toielt cleaner, in market of EU, RU, USA, North America, even Asia.
If you know this products in Africa and Middle East, please let me know.
SC Jonshon(Duck, Scrubbing bubble, Muscle)johnson_2

The King of the this product is SC Johnson, Duck, Scrubbing bubble and Mr Muscle are all under SC Johnson.
Scrubbing bubble gel discs is on market in USA, and some Asian country, such as Japan, Korea.
존슨 스크러빙버블 초강력세정젤 변기세정제 토일렛스탬프클리너 & トイレスタンプクリーナー ,Toilet stamp cleaner
Scrubbing bubbleScrubbing-Bubbles
Duck is popular in EU market. Duck is good at fragrance, for keep your toilet fresh smell.
WC-Ente, Duck-Fresh
Toilet_DuckDuck Fresh stickgel discs 965ce3cc-85d8-4e61-bd7c-50a00326f17fMr muscle
Mr Muscle toilet cleaning gel, you can find them in South America, and even China. Cleaning toilet bowl powerful, a nice way to keep tough dirty toilet.
Mr musculo.
So what’s the brand in your market ?
POWER FORCE?powerforce

It’s a brand under Aidl( a supermarket brand in German), and welcome in Australia market. If you’d been Au, you would know this brand of toilet gel discs.
Good design and structure of the POWER FORCE gel discs.

ブルーレットスタンピー, 小林製薬

obviously, it’s a brand of Japan. Such a cute gel discs shape and usage. RV0AWvMF
Official display here:
Inspira Gel Adesivoproduto_0000s_0040_inspira-gel-adesivo-lavanda
You may do not know this brand of gel discs. However it’s a popular brand in South America, expecially in Brazil.
Also could find them in may supermarket in Brazil.
Sorry for no video here.
Ok, now I will show you two small brand, in RU and EU
Sanfor wc gel discsSanfor wc gel discs
Sanfor is a good?brand gel discs in RU, also works well. The gel discs sales good in RU market, especially the Ocean scent.
If you want know who manufacture for them, pls contact us. Ahaa
AirpureFresh stripes
It’s also a economic gel discs in EU market. It can not compare to Duck brand, but it’s also a nice try for cost saving.
If you want know who manufacture for them, pls contact us

The final item I want to show you, is a great idea product.

I find it in Korea market, Gel discs gift set.

A gift set!!!

toilet cleaner
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