A recent study found that alcohol-based hand sanitizers can actually make your hands smell bad. The reasoning behind this is that the alcohol in the sanitizer strips away the natural oils on your skin, which leaves your hands feeling and smelling dry. So if you’re looking for a hand sanitizer that doesn’t leave your hands feeling dry and smelling not good, check out our list of the best scented hand sanitizers.

Why alcohol-based hand sanitizer smells not good?

  1. Ethanol is the main material in alcohol-based hand sanitizer, so you will smell the alcohol when there is no fragrance, essential oil, or other organic plant oil in sanitizer.
  2. USA manufacturers use isopropyl alcohol to produce hand sanitizer, and isopropyl alcohol has a strong pungent odor, so it will be unpleasant.
  3. FDA requires hand sanitizer manufacturers to add denaturants and bitters to hand sanitizer to protect people and children from ingesting hand sanitizer as wine (check on the news), so it may not smells good, but the most important is hand sanitizer can help people to antivirus. I think people’s life is much more important than something that smells good, right?

What difference between Ethanol & Isopropanol?

  1. Ethanol is not toxic, Isopropanol is a bit toxic(can’t be ingested).
  2. Isopropyl has a slightly better disinfection effect than ethanol.
  3. Isopropyl is more expensive than ethanol generally.