4×9ml Toilet Gel Stamp, Toilet Bowl Cleaning Click Gel,4 count

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Product Description

4×9ml Toilet Gel Stamp, Toilet Bowl Cleaning Click Gel,4 count. Rather than wasting time and money on the upkeep of your toilet, let the Toilet Cleaning Gel Stamp do all the work. It hangs on the inside of your toilet bowl to clean your toilet between deep cleans with every flush. This product is not only effective, but it also freshens your entire bathroom and has premium fragrances so that you never have to worry about odors again!

Recommend fragrance:

Lemon, Ocean, Citrus, Cherry Blossoms, Fresh Linen

Lavender, Rose, Pine, Eucalyptus

Product Size(L*W*H):65*28.5*26 mm

Package size(L*W*H):14*11*2.8 cm

Product Weight:71.7g

Product Material:

Bottle: PE
Blister: 32 cmm PET
Card : 500g Grey
Blister: 32 cmm PET

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Carton Size(cm)


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Packaging Details

500g Grey Paper Card Blister Packing


Ocean Star



Product Size(L*W*H)

65*28.5*26 mm

Package size(L*W*H)

14*11*2.8 cm

Product Weight


Product Material

Bottle: PE, Blister: 32 cmm PET, Card : 500g Grey, Blister: 32 cmm PET