Power Foaming Toilet Cleaner

Enjoy a sparkling clean home with our easy-to-use Self-Activating Foam, ensuring deep cleaning and limescale removal in every corner.

Self-Activating Foam for
Deep Cleaning and Limescale Removal

3pk 100g

Oceanstar proudly presents its latest innovation: the Power Foaming Toilet Cleaner

Oceanstar, a premier exporter and manufacturer renowned for its dedication to the development of air fresheners and toilet care products, proudly presents its latest innovation: the Power Foaming Toilet Cleaner.

Designed to deliver effortless cleaning, this unique product generates a delightful, self-activating foam upon application. Our advanced formula clings to the toilet bowl, ensuring thorough coverage and deep cleaning without the need for excessive scrubbing


Enjoy a fresh and pleasant fragrance after each use, leaving your bathroom smelling clean and inviting.

Safe For All Toilets

This toilet cleaner is safe for use on all types of toilets, including porcelain and ceramic, without causing damage or discoloration.

how to use

1.Simply tear open the sachet.
2.Pour the contents directly into toilet water.Let the foam develop and rise in the bowl.
3.If required,leave for 10 minutes.
4.Brush and flush.

Powerful Cleaning Action

Specially formulated to remove tough stains, limescale, and grime, leaving your toilet sparkling clean.

wait for 10 minutes

Fragrance Choice

Specially selected after thorough lab testing and consumer testing.
Leaving every space with a fresh scent that gives the user a great feeling.