4 New Design Poo Odor Away Toilet Spray

This is the latest product. It’s as good as American products. We also provides OEM services and design services. Of course, you can specify your own design,We can help you complete the product.

The Poo Toilet Spray is a poo odor eliminator that uses an effective blend of active ingredients. The spray was developed with an essential oil technology that attacks and eliminates pet smells, leaving you with a fresh scent in the air. Poo Toilet Spray comes in four scents: Merry Rose, Fresh Lemon, Lavender Touch and Ocean Breeze. Only need MOQ 5000 count.

As a professional toilet care products manufacturer, we have not only toilet air freshener but also toilet cleaner. We can customize the design and fragrance based on your need. Contact us for more information about Products Design & Private Label & Manufacture.

osg18005 poo odor away spray 57ml back
osg18005 poo odor away lavender 57ml
osg18005 poo odor away rose 57ml
osg18005 poo odor away lavender 57ml 2
osg18005 poo odor away lemon 57ml
osg18005 poo odor away lavender 57ml back