#1 Plug In Air Freshener Manufacturer in China

Ocean Star Inc offers professional private label service of all fragrance items.

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Factory Price

All Development Service

100 Fragrance


The #1 Manufacturer set foot in OEM Plug-In Scent Business

We are the first manufacturer in China to set foot in plug in air freshener business.

Ocean Star Inc not only manufacture plug in air freshener refills, but also new plug in kit by ourselves.

Millions of plug in kits and scent oil refills have been delivered to the UK, US, Canda,Australia,Netherlands and more.

As the most popular home freshener solution, the business continues to grow.

Suitable for All Plug In Kit

Our plugin air freshener refills are adapted to most mainstream plug-in kits on the market, like Febreze, Air Wick, Glade in the US, and Ambi Pur, Glade in Europe.

Plug-in air freshener company Febreze, Air Wick, Glade owned the 70-80% market share together. (Check the Best Plug In Air Freshener Report )

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air wick plug in air freshener
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glade plug in air freshener

High-end Fragrance and Charming Scent

We apply high-end fragrance and natural essential oil to our oil-based plug in air freshener refills.

The scent is extremely fascinating and lovely, even much more pleasant than popular brands’ plug air freshener refills.

For our client’s requirement, our fragrance engineer could custom scent to copy the scent to meet needs.

Ocean Star Inc

A chemical expert and toilet cleaner manufacturer
We can be your reliable supplier as we do so more than 10 years.



Ocean Star Inc found in 2007, focuses on household chemicals and personal care.

Air fresheners are our priority OEM items. In 2014, we start to develop plug-in air fresheners (electric air fresheners) to meet our clients’ meet.
After constant testing and modification, 2016, it comes to success!

The plugin air freshener, we manufacture, are European standards. EU certificate passed.

We developed 3 new mold plug-in air fresheners, but the most important is plug-in air freshener refill. 8 type plug-in air freshener refills in different bottles have been developed that suit for mainstream brand plug in kit.

When you find us, you find the source of the fragrance industry, we could be your reliable plugin scent supplier.

Private Label Plug In Air Freshener


We take innovation as the core, work with the most advanced technology, and have two independent R & D laboratories.

If you need a special mold of plug-in air freshener kit or scent oil refill, we offer a molding service.

In addition, we offer free design services that could help you save time and money.

We rigorously apply specific sensory evaluation methods to guarantee the impeccable performance of our creations and we also offer customers support by carrying out internal surveys or consumer testing on their behalf.


We provide more 100 types of fragrance for you to choose and send you samples.

If you want a unique fragrance, we can develop it to make your products unique. And we can copy the scent if you like the scent in some freshener items you have ever seen.

We use high-level synthetic fragrance and natural essential oil to ensure the freshener smells pleasant, our fragrance engineer will blend the perfect scents into an original fragrance, custom to you. From there, we make revisions based on your feedback until it’s perfect(we will send the custom fragrance sample to you). It rarely takes more than two revisions to complete the fine-tuning.

Minimal Order Quantity

MOQ of plug in scent kit and refill is 5000~10000 pieces, it could be negotiated.

Leading Time

Generally 30 days.

Samples are less than 7 days.


0.4~0.8 usd/piece

Offer competitive factory price with uncompromising quality.

Why our price is more competitive?

All products directly manufactured by our factory, and our efficiency is beating our competitors. In the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, our partners maintain close cooperation with us.

You can get the best price!


By sea, air or train

Global express delivery like FedEx, DHL…

We can help you arrange the delivery.

Ocean Star is committed to ensuring that you are pleased with the process and the end result.

Brand & Trust

Clean N Fresh

This is our self-owned trademark, and it has been applied to our products for more than 10 years.

You may see this trademark in some products because some of our clients have developed into our agents and distributors as they recognized our products.

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Work with Amazon, LG Beauty, Walmart

Unremitting efforts and the pursuit of quality helped us win the trust of many clients, including many multinational companies.

Out of respect for customers and confidentiality agreements, I cannot disclose much information.

We know that customer experience means a lot to the business.

At last, we offer 2 years quality guarantee for most products.

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