Although the epidemic of the new coronavirus is still very serious worldwide, with the supply of medical supplies and the gradual deepening of research on the new coronavirus, various countries have begun to formulate the time for the resumption of work.

The New Coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge blow to the world economy. This crisis is far worse than the financial crisis of 2008. Thousands of enterprises have closed down and tens of millions of people have lost their jobs. Leaders of all countries are well aware that it is time to resume work. If people are not allowed to go back to work, it will inevitably cause unpredictable consequences.

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Resumption of work will inevitably cause the movement and aggregation of people, which will increase the threat of new coronavirus, so mini hand sanitizer gel or pocket hand sanitizer spray is becoming more suitable and essential to people.

We can see from google trends that the demand for mini hand sanitizer has increased significantly recently.

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Mini pocket hand sanitizer generally has an alcohol content of about 62%-75% (why 62-75% alcohol concentration is the best), divided into spray type and gel type, spray type hand sanitizer has credit card shape, pen shape, bottled, The volume is generally 10-100ml.

The gel-type hand sanitizer is relatively rich in shape. Some with mini silicone sleeves, these small hand sanitizers are loved by children because of their cute shapes. And the other is the hand sanitizer with carabiner, which can be easily hung on the backpack.

Carabiner Hand Sanitizer
mini pocket hand sanitizer
organic hand sanitizer spray
29ml 3D animals cartoon hand sanitizer
osd20029 hand sanitizer 55ml
15ml Cozy Clip Hand Sanitizer

These two mini hand sanitizer types can be easily put into a pocket or hung on a backpack, which is very portable and does not occupy extra space. It is suitable for adults who are not working from home and children who need to go to school.

The only shortcoming of Mini hand sanitizer is the short usage time. Because there is less hand sanitizer content, I recommend buying some hand sanitizer refill pouch and putting it at home. When the mini one runs out, you can use a sanitizer pouch to recharge it.

5L hand sanitizer refill
1L Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Refill
1L hand sanitizer refill
1L Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Refill

So If you plan to purchase hand sanitizer, I recommend mini Portable hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer refill pouch,the market will like them.

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