May 16, 2016

Make laundry detergent pods better

Laundry detergent pods come into our family in a short time.
As I know, they come into Us market 2010, and ?may be called pods, packets, pacs, capsules, or flings


Howeve, when you text “laundry detergent pods” on Google, most result show like : Child Safety Experts Warn About Laundry Detergent Pods

Laundry detergent pods pose serious risk to young kids

The problem with laundry detergent pods

Laundry Detergent Pods and Children

Half page about selling them, half page?these.It seems laundry is the?enemy of?children.


From bar soap, to powder, to liquid and now to gel packages.
However, we talk about the benefit of the ?Laundry?detergent?pods. As we are ?laundry detergent pods manufacturer, no one?purchasing if all harms!
As factory, which manufacturing washing powder also.
1, The pods is better?dissolved than ?washing powder.
2, Detergents capsules ?washing cleaner than general washing powder, as high?concentration detergents.
3, Laundry ?pods ?is easily using, for ?capsule shape.
  • 1 laundry pac for medium loads
  • 2 pacs for large loads
  • 3 pacs for extra large loads


There is no doubt that, the big harmful problem of laundry pods is the risk to young kids. The pods looks similar to candy, earily?attract kids.
However, would u like a laundry pods looks ?ugly?
We should try to solve the problem, it’s more meaningful and?significative than?criticize the bad of ?detergent pods.
As manufacturer, we should design the pods away from candy. (Maybe monster, so kids will not eat?.
Manufacturing them good quality, ?leaking pods ?are dangerous.
As user, parentes ?would keep them well,?out?of?reach?of?children?and?pets.
It’s not only for detergent capsules, but for all household chemical products.

Our laundry pods:

laundry capsule

2 in 1 laundry pods

2 in 1 laundry pods

3 in 1 laundry pods

3 in 1 laundry pods

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