We have selected the 10 best car air fresheners sold on Amazon in 2021. They all have different characteristics. The little tree hanging freshener is very cheap and lasts a long time. Febreze has always maintained strong creativity in the field of car fresheners, and bamboo charcoal bags, which can absorb harmful gases and unpleasant odors in the car.

which is the best car air freshener?

Just take a look at our top picks, you may get an inspiration to help make a better decision!

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Yankee Candle

1. Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres, Pink Sands

ID: B071XW8G2S

Average Monthly Sales: 13975

Reviews: 9974

Positive reviews count: 7466

Critical reviews count: 2508

Rate: 4.2

Pack: 1 pack

Scent: Pink Sands

Price: $5.99 ($5.99 / pack)

The most trendy reviews:



We got 2 of these; one for each bathroom. I noticed one dried up and had no more smell and the other one stayed moist and smelling nice for months. It turns out, my 10 year old had been adding water to one all this time! All they are is water beads with water-soluble fragrance in a jar. If you keep them wet, they continue to evaporate and emit their scent.——⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



Yankee Candles, this is the end of our long , long relationship. You did me wrong! When I found you on Amazon, I ordered several of your little candle alternatives. Don’t judge me, people!. It seemed like a good thing to do at the time and the add-on prices pulled me in! After all, if you can’t trust Yankee Candles, who can you trust? I’ve loved candles forever but had to stop using them after going on oxygen 15 years ago. Imagine my excitement when my latest box of bargains arrived from Amazon yesterday! I tore open the little seal of the mini candle jar, took a big whiff, and it was almost totally whiff-less ! Nooooooooo!!!!! I shook and shook and shook the fake candle beads as instructed on the label. Still, nothing to whiff ! Is this too much to ask? This whole saga makes no scents. (Get it? Scents/sense/cents?) Oh well, at least I still have my oxygen.——⭐



Yankee Candle failed here, big time. The smell is very weak. You basically have to hold it to your face to smell it and when you do, it smells like apples with chemicals. It says to shake it to activate the smell, but all that does is make it noticeable for a second and then splash a little bit of it’s beads residue around.

I thought I found a deal with a Yankee Candle product at $4, but this is a poor quality product that reflects negatively on their brand.——⭐

Yankee Candle car hanging air freshener

2. Yankee Candle Car Jar Ultimate Hanging Air Freshener 3-Pack (Vanilla Cupcake, Black Cherry, and Home Sweet Home)

ID: B071Y6GN9P

Average Monthly Sales: 11200

Reviews: 9666

Positive review count: 1325

Critical review count: 180

Rate: 4.1

Pack: 3 pack

Scent: Vanilla Cupcake, Black Cherry, And Home Sweet Home

Price: $10.74 ($3.58 / pack)

The most trendy reviews:



Listen the scent is VERY dull. You hardly know it’s there.——⭐


Shellie S:
I love the Yankee Candle brand, but was REALLY disappointed by the “car jars”! The scents themselves kinda smell like cheap deoderant, but I guess that doesn’t matter so much since I can’t even smell them in my car. Big disappointment – don’t waste your money.——⭐⭐



Whenever I buy a new air freshener, I’m usually worried about the smell being too strong and overwhelming. This wouldn’t leave a smell in a small closed drawer. The very faint fragrance it did have dissipated within a day, maybe two. I expected a lot better.——⭐

Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener

3. Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener, Odor Eliminating, Wild Berries, 1 Count


Average Monthly Sales: 5637

Reviews: 6422

Positive review count: 5539

Critical review count: 883

Rate: 4.5

Pack: 1 pack

Scent: Berries

Price: $2.94 ($2.94 / pack) 

The most trendy reviews:



If you are like me, I have been working my way through “smellies” trying to figure out which one gives off constant scent, lasts the longest, and does not cost an arm and leg. These are it! I bought all three aromas offered on Amazon; Wild Berry, Bamboo, and Fresh Linen. They are all amazing. I have twin teenage boys who share a room and their room smells (or should I say used to!) like a dirty gym bag. I ultimately wanted something to put in their room that was out of the way and did not require an outlet (because let’s get real, kids have so many electronics to be charge) or the need to be turned on and off. I chose the bamboo for their room due to the smell and I LOVE IT! As soon as turn the corner in the hall I can smell the aroma even with their door closed. My children are also happy that their room smells better.

I put the Fresh Linen in the master bath and it has a very fresh smell. We keep our door closed when we leave for work, and upon returning, the aroma hits us as soon as the door is opening. It too is amazing.

The Wild Berry was placed in our very small half bath that also holds 2 XL kitty litter boxes. This one smalls amazing too.

We have only had these for a few weeks but the smells are not dying not and still have quite a bit of liquid in them. I am going to guess they will last the entire 45 days as advertised. The air-wick plug-ins only put of a constant smell if you have them all the way turned up, and sometimes not even then. I do love my wax melts, but that requires me remembering to turn in on and off. These do no require any attention after pushing the back button. They are constantly offering a pleasant aroma. I highly recommend this product.——⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


The liquid scent does not come filled all the way to the top like the picture description promotes. It is only half of that. There doesn’t seem to be any leakage. So, the only thing I can think is that they had it too long in storage and most of the liquid evaporated by the time they sold it.——⭐



This has been in a small bathroom for over 24 hours. The scent is mild and pleasant.

Be sure the blue button is pushed all the way in or you will not get any scent.——⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Paper Air Freshener

4. LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener | Hanging Tree Provides Long Lasting Scent for Auto or Home | Black Ice, 6-packs (4 count)

ID: B00LM54ZD0

Average Monthly Sales: 4764

Reviews: 8730

Positive review count: 7613

Critical review count: 1117

Rate: 4.6

Pack: 6 pack * 4 count = 24 pack

Scent: Black Ice

Price: $18.51 ($0.77 / pack)

The most trendy reviews:


I’ve been a black ice user for over 10 years now. When I saw this great price on Amazon, I thought it was a steal. Little did I know, these trees are not the original products from Little Trees. I’ve been using two at a time, but their scent fades away in less than 30 minutes. I’m very disappointed, and I will never be buying this again. You’re better off picking the same product up from a local gas station or coveneience store. You’ll pay a bit extra, but atleast you’ll get the type of quality and smell you’d expect from little trees.——⭐


This must be a defective stale batch because all 24 trees are light on the scent. This item only last 3 days maximum but when purchased at the car wash the same scent last atleast 2 weeks. They did not come with a display or manufacturers box but were bunched together loose.——⭐⭐


 K Jorgensen:

I really do like the Little Trees New Car Scent Air Freshener’s as far as the smell. I have purchased these other places, like auto parts stores, discount stores, etc and they have worked well, usually lasting at least a week or two. This bulk package however are not working good at all. They have a very weak scent which does not last. In the first week I used 5 of these (one at a time). The scent was not strong when I opened them and it soon dissipated. I don’t know if these large bulk packages have been sitting around for a long time and are old, or what the problem is. I will however, never purchase them again and certainly can not recommend them to any one. In summary, the price was great, the Little Trees “new car scent” is good, but the scent is very weak and does not last.——⭐

Gel Air Freshener

5. Febreze Car Air Freshener Vent Clips, Unstopables Fresh and Shimmer Scents, Odor Eliminator, 4 Count

ID: B07L1JW677

Average Monthly Sales: 3627

Reviews: 2353

Positive review count: 2095

Critical review count: 258

Rate: 4.6

Pack:4 pack

Scent: Fresh Frais, Shimmer Etincelant

Price:$15.91 ($3.97 / pack)

The most trendy reviews:


Jason P. Tomei:

I love these, I just wish they lasted a little longer. But then again, I’m in and out of my car many times a day, and my a/c runs in my car for several hours a day, so I guess it’s a little more than normal. I always get compliments on how nice my car smells.——⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


This crappy car freshener lasts no more than 3 days even while it’s on the lowest level of scent release. It immediately evaporates. I have never seen anything dry up so fast except nail polish remover! Won’t be buying again even though it smells good, it gives no value for money at all——⭐



The scents are wonderful, just lovely——⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator Mist

6. MEGUIAR’S G16402 Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator Mist, New Car Scent, 2 Fluid Ounces


Average Monthly Sales: 3242

Reviews: 6226

Positive review count: 5050

Critical review count: 1176

Rate: 4.4

Pack: 1 pack, 2 Fluid Ounces

Scent: New Car

Price:$6.47 ($6.47 / pack)

The most trendy reviews:


Jon Lilley:

This thing was awesome. After I quit smoking I just couldn’t get the foul smell out of my truck. Then I got this, start your car and put the fan in high with the a/c cranked as low as it will go. Then, set this off in your vehicle and it cycles through the vents for ten minutes. After that just open the doors and let it air out and your car smells amazing. I will definitely buy this again! If you found this helpful let me know by clicking below.——⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


S. Peterson:

Bought a low-miles used van. They detailed it and it did a great job. The cleaner they used was overpowering and after it subsided the van had a wet-dog smell. I saw this online decided to take a chance. Would it really work or just add another layer of smell?

There are few in life I am amazed by. This little can happens to be one of those amazing things. I followed the instructions verbatim. At first the smell was overpowering and that lasted 4-5 days. It then turned very pleasant and my passengers even remarked how great the van smelled. It’s now been a month and there is a slight hint of the fragrance but the miracle is that the wet dog smell is completely gone.

This smells nothing like “new car” but it does smell great. It’s not a perfume or flowery smell. It’s hard to describe but it smells clean and fresh. And di I mention the wet dog smell is completely gone? I did? Totally gone. I love it so much I bought another can to give it another treatment, only because I love the clean smell. My daughter had someone barf in her car and she was advised to use ammonia to clean it up. Total mistake. I gave her a can of this and after months of trying different remedies this is the only one that worked.

This works on barf, ammonia barf, and wet dog. And it’s the closest thing to a miracle I’ve experienced. Not sure what the magical science is behind this stuff but I am a believer and tell every stinky car friend I have about it.——⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



There is no new car scent here. Oh my gosh, will I ever get this smell out of my car?!! Do I ever regret this purchase!!! If the dollar store sells $1 men’s cologne in 16 oz size, imagine a bottle of it poured into your car, across the seats etc. It produces a gag effect. I used the product exactly as instructed.

I’m selling my Honda Civic and thought I’d put a nice smell of a new car into it. Boy, was I ever wrong! Now I have the floor mats airing in the sun trying to get rid of the odor. I’m preparing to go in and clean my car with a disinfectant to try to get rid of it, though I had already cleaned the car and it was smelling nice before I used this product, which I thought would a nice thing to do for the buyer of my car. How do I explain the awful, nauseating smell? Tell the truth and show them the package and that terrible smell is marketed as a new car smell. Disgusting!!!——⭐

Paper Air Freshsner Product

7. LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener | Hanging Paper Tree for Home or Car | Vanillaroma | 6 Pack


Average Monthly Sales: 2850

Reviews: 4106

Positive review count: 3523

Critical review count: 583

Rate: 4.5

Pack: 6 pack

Scent: Vanillaroma

Price: $6.03 ($1.00 / pack)

The most trendy reviews:


T. Brice:

For whatever reason this scent is no longer sold in stores here in Nebraska so I have to order from here. I LOVE this scent and get so many compliments on it when people get in my car. I don’t get any other scent tree. Try it for yourself I bet you’ll love it.——⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


If these have a new car smell than my posterior smells like Chanel No.5. I honestly don’t know what this fragrance is but it is a repulsive fragrance if ever there was one. Will need to drive with windows open for a bit to get the stink out of the car. Save your money-don’t buy. Right in the trash with these bad boys.——⭐



I really wanted to like this “leather” scent. I gave it a good chance and eventually I had to remove it. I’m truly not trying to insult the company or this scent but it reminds me of urinal cakes, you know the little pad they put down in urinals to not smell like urine? That’s what it reminds me of. it doesn’t smell like Chemical Guys or Griot’s Garage leather products, not even close.

I’ve never had leather that smelled like these little trees. If they come out with an “improved version”, I’m more than willing to try it. If someone from Little Trees is reading this, walk into a leather store, than take a good whiff of this scent, it does NOT smell like leather.——⭐

Car Air Freshner

8. Febreze Car Air Freshener, Set of 5 Clips, Linen & Skyup to 150 Days (Packaging May Vary)


Average Monthly Sales: 2778

Reviews: 3234

Positive review count: 2890

Critical review count: 344

Rate: 4.6

Pack: 5 pack

Scent: Linen & Skyup

Price: $16.94 ($3.4 / pack)

The most trendy reviews:



I needed something powerful enough to mask the scent of my balls. See, I work at a shipyard in Florida and between the humidity and heat, I draw up a thick, cheesy layer of gunk below my under carriage and this odor seeps into my work jeans eventually making it’s way onto my auto seat. Now you can imagine the 30 minute ride home night after night on I-95. The pungent stench seeps it’s way time and time again deep into the cloth of my 86 nissan sentra. Talk about wear and tear. Thankfully these air freshners mask the scent and the ladies I pick up on Tinder have no clue or at least that’s what I think. Smells like roses to me. Great product, wish it lasted longer.——⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



I’ve been buying Febreze vent clips for years and have never had a problem. I’m not sure if these are authentic, but the only 2 I’ve used out of this pack have leaked and took the plastic off of my Lexus. Also, there was no scent coming from them even when I turned the air on high. The only way you could smell them is if you put them against your nose. Forever regret buying these.——⭐


John W. Lemega:

Product was delivered in time fashion. The clip makes it easy to use. The air freshening aspect of the product lasts but a few days. Longevity leaves much to be desired.——⭐⭐⭐

Organic  Car Air Freshener

9. LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener | Fiber Can Provides a Long-Lasting Scent for Auto or Home | Adjustable Lid for Desired Strength | Black Ice, 4-Pack


Average Monthly Sales: 2689

Reviews: 3776

positive review count:2532

critical review count:1224

Rate: 3.9

Pack: 4 pack

Scent: Black Ice

Price:$11.72 ($2.9 / count)

The most trendy reviews:



Yes they smell like the actual little trees, but the scent is very weak. I’ve used the trees for years and 1 tree is stronger than these cans, waste of my money.——⭐⭐



I love the Black Ice smell, so I ordered these scentables to keep my car smelling fresh and clean. The smell is lovely, however, I think the product must be old because it definitely did not freshen my car. I kept moving it around thinking that the problem was location, then i took the top off entirely to increase smell, and finally it dawned on me that it was just too dry to leave an impression. I’m bummed, so I wouldn’t recommend this. Better stick to the car wash options – I think their stuff is typically pretty fresh.——⭐⭐


 Juan Pablo Guacaneme:

You will only smell it when you open it if your nose is 6 inches away from the can. get the tree shaped traditional ones instead… these suck.——⭐

Car Air Freshner Product 1

10. PURGGO Car Air Freshener – Lasts 365+ Days – No Chemicals – 100% Activated Bamboo Charcoal – Fragrance-Free Deodorizer, Natural Auto Odor Eliminator, Air Purifier, Neutralizer, Absorb Smoke Smell


Average Monthly Sales: 1569

Reviews: 2897

Positive review count: 2239

Critical review count: 658


Pack:1 pack

Price: $19.99

The most trendy reviews:



I bought a previously owned vehicle that a smoker had owned. Despite the Dealer treating it saying the smell would be gone it was not. I saw your product and had hope. It arrived on Sunday 10-21-18. I activated it for 2 hours in the sun on my patio. Then put it in my vehicle. It has been in there now for 6 day’s and I am not seeing very much improvement so far… I realize that cigarette smoke is difficult to remove but it is driving my wife crazy!! Am I expecting too much too soon? What can I do? Hope you can help with your product….——⭐



This thing works! I bought a used truck with a really strong cigarette smoke odor inside. Every time I opened the door of the truck I got a strong whiff of cigarette! It got to the point I would cringe each time! I put on this PURGGO Car Air Freshener and within 48 hours the smell was completely gone! There is no longer ANY odor inside my truck. This air freshener also looks good inside a vehicle (as opposed to something sitting on the dash inside a white plastic container or hanging on the rear view mirror. Just mount the PURGGO behind the seat and enjoy the smell of….nothing!——⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Nathan Arras:

I bought a truck from a smoker. I did the appropriate steps of cleaning every surface of the interior. I also sprayed ozium into the intake of the air conditioning. After about 2 weeks there was still a smoke odor and some days it seemed to be worse than others for no reason. The cleaning definitely helped but it was still an issue. After putting this in the truck, after about 2 days the smell was practically non existent. I didn’t even realize it until about a week in that the smell is totally gone for the most part. So much so that I could resell the truck if I wanted to and nobody would be able to tell there was a smoker. I am happy with my purchase and highly reccomend it. There is no such thing as a miracle product, so if you dont thoroughly clean your interior and neutralize the air ducts, don’t be surprised if you still have some odors. This product along with the proper steps brought me the results I was looking for. I am happy I found this.——⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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