June 20, 2019

2018 the most popular air freshener brands in the world

NO1.Febreze Product composition: air odors、cooking odors、pet odors、smoke Channel of distribution: office website、retail store、Amazon Evaluation : 1.The name "Febreze" comes from the words "fabric" and "breeze." 2.The fabric refresher product has been sold in the United States since June 1998, and the line has since branched out to include air fresheners (Air Effects), plug-in oil (Noticeables), scented disks [...]
May 20, 2016

plugin air freshener manufacturer

Plugin air freshener Found in 2006, Oceanstar Chemical factory, focus on household chemical and fragrance. Air freshener always be our priority item. In 2014, we star develop plug in air freshener(electric air freshener) to meet our clients' meet. 2016, it comes successful ! Oceanstar plugin air freshener . The plug in air freshener,we manufacturing, are [...]
July 26, 2015

Professional manufacturer of household chemical

Ningbo Oceanstar Chemical Factory& Ningbo Jiangbei Oceanstar Trading Co., Ltd(short as Oceanstar.), are a professional manufacturer of household chemical product. we was established in September 2007, with registered capital of 50.08 million CNY and 15000 standard factory buildings. Products: First Home Air Freshener and Toilet Cleaner. Be satisfied with our clients, Oceanstar come in to Car [...]