Glade refill coupons 3pk

Enhance your home's scent story with this product. Allow your mind to escape to your luscious hideaway. It is the first constantly changing fragrance to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Fragrance Lily    Hawaii    Tulips    Jasmine
Packing N/G.W Carton Size 20 GP 40 GP
24/CTN 1/1.5 Kgs 31*19*25 Cm 1765 Ctns 4414 Ctns



  • glade refill coupons 3pk

  • Plug in air freshener brings continuous and long-lasting fragrance into your home
  • Ideal for your bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways, kitchens and office spaces
  • Refills for use in scented oil plug in air freshener warmers
  • Available in a variety of fragrances

Main Ingredients

Dipropylene glycol, Citronella oil, Benzyl acetate,Fragrance,Others


If adverse health effects develop seek medical attention
If inhaled: not relevant.
On skin contact:
Remove contaminated clothes and rinse the skin with plenty of water. If skin irritation or rash occurs, get medical advice.
On contact with eyes:
Lifting the upper and lower eyelids, flush the eyes with plenty of water or saline water. Get medical aid.
On ingestion:
Drink sufficient hot water and induce vomiting. Get medical aid.

Other infomation