3PK Sticky Gel Air Freshener

Give even your largest rooms the smell you like .The gel melt to release true-to-life fragrance filling your home with a scent you'll love. This product is available in a wide variety of your favorite scents, and last up to 250 hours.

FragranceCherry Blossom Lavender Vanilla Fresh Linen
PackingN/G.WCarton Size20 GP40 GP
24/CTN4.3/3.8 kgs43*22.5*24 cm1160 Ctns2890Ctns

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  • Solid gel air freshener

  • The aroma of freshly picked amount of fragrance has an exhilarating effect in the air
  • It’s an affordable way to give any room and car a refreshing new scent
  • Easy using by conveniently sticky sticker
  • OEM is welcomed
  • Many scents for your choice
  • Auto produce line

Main Ingredients

Water ,Castor oil,Carrageenan ,Fragrance,Others


If adverse health effects develop seek medical attention
If inhaled: not relevant.
On skin contact:
After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and soap.
On contact with eyes:
In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately for at least 15 minutes with plenty of water. Seek medical attention if necessary.
On ingestion:
Rinse mouth and then drink 200-300 ml of water.

Other infomation