February 16, 2020

Private Label Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

Hi, are you looking for a hand sanitizer manufacturer?

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 Ocean Star inc

In the case of noval coronavirus spreading globally, we do care about the situation and notice that hand sanitizer that can kill virus has been sold out !

If you are looking for a hand sanitizer manufacturer urgently , here we are !

We have been engaged in manufacturing and trading of household chemicals and skin care related supplies since 2007. After 13 years of experience and technical accumulation, we have made great progress in several industries we are involved in, especially the hand sanitizer products. The price, quality, and delivery have been recognized by customers. Among our customers are the supermarket chains also include other importers, retailers, etc around the world.

We have been on working .
Don’t hesitate to help more people get hand sanitizer!

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Points about hand sanitizer supplies:

Hand sanitizer has a stronger sterilization effect than ordinary hand soap. At the moment when various infectious diseases including corona virus are raging, hand sanitizer has a wider market and practicality.

1. Quality——Hand sanitizer manufacturing process is quite mature, coupled with our strict quality control system, there are almost no problems in product quality and delivery

2. Design & Package——The hand sanitizer is rich in shapes, and can produce different shapes and capacities of hand sanitizers according to customer requirements, including large-capacity used in the bathroom, or small capacity that can be carried around.

3. Formulation Customization——To meet market demand, some of our clients would like to customized the formulation, such as the color, active ingredient percentage, fragrance, etc, certainly we can do that.

4. Leading time——Normally 30-35 days,to be strict with the product quality, in the meantime we focus on the lead time. For our clients and us, on time delivery is very important to the business. We convince our clients that we are able to ship the goods all around the world on time

5. Price——The price of most oem sanitizer range between 0.12-0.6 usd/piece on the basis of MOQ 10000. We have strong confidence that we are able to offer competitive prices, for the reason that ocean Star daily chemical factory is specialized in producing hand sanitizer for over 13 years.

Alcohol based hand sanitizer & capacity of production :

  1. 62%~75% alcohol in hand sanitizer(customize)
  2. 2~3 million pics/month of each design

Hand Care Supplies Catalog:

  1. Hand Sanitizers
  2. Hand Soaps
  3. Hand Wash
  4. Foaming Hand Soap
  5. Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer
  6. 8 mL Hand Santizer Spray Pens
  7. 20ml Hand santizer Cards
  8. more

Supplies Showcase:

Hand Sanitizer gel supplies
Hand Sanitizer gel supplies
Hand Sanitizer gel supplies

FDA Checking:

How to check your FDA certification ?

If you want to check the products registration information, then pls check in the below  FDA Website:


Type in the NDC code 47993 as below, then you can find all of our products registration information.

FDA hand sanitizer gel products


Do you offer OEM service ?

Yes,We do oem odm business

Leading Time

30 days normally

What's your MOQ ?

10000 normally

Do you have stocks?

Yes,Some specific products are in stock.

Payment terms and methods

30% deposit,balanced 70%paid one week before delivery.

TT normally




ISO9001-2008 is our basic certificate

MSDS for all products, and FDA if it is needed

Are you a factory ?

Yes,We are hand sanitizer manufacturer

Contact Details:

Name – Kathy

E-mail –  Kathy@oceanstar-inc.com

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