Toilet gel discs cleaner brands.

Wc gel discs is a chemical toielt cleaner, in market of EU, RU, USA, North America, even Asia. If you know this products in Africa and Middle East, please let me know. SC Jonshon(Duck, Scrubbing bubble, Muscle) The King of the this product is SC Johnson, Duck, Scrubbing bubble and Mr Muscle are all under [...]
Toilet cleaner

How to keep your toilet clean and fresh

Chemical toilet cleaner product is a must for most family. Keeping your toilet clean and washing room smell nice make you feel good,especially someone call on. Today, we talk about how to keep your toilet room clean and fresh. Firstly, I will show the chemical cleaning products. 1 Toilet bowl tablets Famous brand: Clorox, Vanish, Harpic,200 [...]
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